Year: 2013

How CEOs can set effective 2014 goals

I’ll be hosting a live Webinar this Friday at 1:00 p.m. EST for ExecSense onBest Practices for Establishing 2014 Goals for Your Management Team.” The content is tailored to CEOs who want to start the year off right by setting corporate goals that drive company priorities, adapt to changing business conditions, and engage employees. The Webinar will be available to ExecSense subscribers on demand after Friday. Check it out and join me! I will continue to make effectively setting and tracking goals a focus of this blog throughout the year.

No CEO for Obamacare a bad idea

White House Rejects Idea Of Creating An Obamacare CEO

The idea of a CEO for Obamacare is so obvious that it is hard to believe there could be any disagreement. The Affordable Care Act is a huge endeavor that would test even the best CEO. The resistance from the administration as outlined in this Business Insider article reminds me of a startup CEO who won’t give up any control to his team. When this happens in a 50-person startup, it often causes serious issues that threaten the viability of the company. When it happens in an entity the size of the federal government, it is a recipe for disaster.

Are You Running Out of Time to Show Customer Value?

Each interaction with a customer is an opportunity to either earn loyalty or alienate. This conclusion is true whether your company provides products to mass markets like McDonald’s, or for specialized use, like those provided by GE.  Companies have only limited amounts of time to demonstrate value but unfortunately, many have yet to realize this.