Texas CEO Magazine

Joel owns Texas CEO Magazine, a quarterly publication whose mission is to help CEOs across Texas grow their businesses and master the chief executive role.


NetQoS was founded by Joel and his wife, Dr. Cathy Fulton, in 1999. The company provided network performance management software to large enterprises and counted 17 of the Fortune 25 as customers.

Black Box Network Services

Joel began serving on the board of Black Box (NASDAQ:BBOX) in 2013. Black Box was a nearly $1 billion revenue company in the IT services and technology space.

Cache IQ

Joel co-founded Cache IQ in June 2010 and acquired the assets of a failed startup. With Joel as CEO the company re-engineered the product to provide an intelligent storage acceleration product to the market.

Austin Technology Council

In 2010 Joel was asked to be Chairman of the Austin Technology Council, an industry association of over 300 technology companies in the central Texas area.


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