Black Box Network Services

Black Box Network Services

Joel began serving on the board of Black Box (NASDAQ:BBOX) in 2013. Black Box was a nearly $1 billion revenue company in the IT services and technology space. In November 2017 Joel was asked by the board to take over as CEO and explore strategic options for the company. Joel led the organization to a sale of the company in December 2018.

The CEO Tightrope

No CEO can find a point of balance and then stand still – that’s not even possible on a tightrope. The expectation is that the business must always move forward.

The American CEO walks a tightrope daily…many times blindfold and without a net. The job of balancing the often-competing interests of a company’s constituents is so challenging that the average lifespan of a newly minted CEO is around five years. Why is it that individuals who have been wildly successful at every other position in their career often fail when they get to the CEO chair?


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